Top 10 Snooker Earners for 2017-18 season – Ronnie O’Sullivan tops the list

The World Championship is due to start on the 21st of April 2018, ending this snooker season. Ronnie O'Sullivan dominated the entire season with an impressive record of 5 ranking titles, followed by John Higgins, Mark Selby, Mark Williams and Ryan Day (2 titles each). Let's see how much prize money the top 10 players have earned before the start of the 2018 World Championship.

In the table below you will find the total winnings of the top 10 ranked players in both ranking and non-ranking tournaments. You can adjust the table in order to see the official ranking and also the total prize money won this season. The non-ranking tournaments winnings are estimated (some prizes were in Euros or BAHT), but we think the numbers are very close to reality. We fetched the data ourselves and the numbers may be slightly different from other sources.

1 Year RankingName1 Year Prize Money Ranking (£)1 Year Prize Money Non Ranking - est. (£)Total - est. (£)
1Ronnie O'Sullivan665,500120,000785,500
2Mark Selby455,72559,000514,725
3Mark Williams324,500112,000436,500
4Shaun Murphy277,000147,500424,500
5Judd Trump272,000106,500378,500
6John Higgins269,500108,500378,000
7Luca Brecel255,10049,000304,100
8Ding Junhui252,50026,100278,600
9Kyren Wilson204,725102,000306,725
10Neil Robertson202,000119,000321,000
* the table does not contain endorsing/advertising revenue or prizes for highest breaks.

#1 Ronnie O'Sullivan – £785,500

The Rocket is the absolute leader of the season, with combined winnings of nearly £800,000 in both ranking and non-rankings events. Ronnie won 5 ranking titles and played the final of the Champion of Champions non-ranking tournament. If he wins the World Championship, he will make more than £1,000,000 in prize money in this season.

#2 Mark Selby – £514,725

Selby did well on the ranking events, gathering £455,725 in prize money during this season, but played a lot less in non-ranking tournaments, therefore his winnings for this type of events are around £59,000. Overall, he won half a million pounds. Not bad at all.

#3 Mark Williams – £436,500

The Welshman won two ranking titles (Northern Ireland Open and the German Masters) and the Six-red World Championship (which alone was worth £80,000). Combined with a good season overall, Mark Williams stands just a bit under the half a million quid barrier.

#4 Shaun Murphy – £424,500

It was a good year for Murphy especially in the non-ranking events, where he won a record of £147,500 (highest earner in non-ranking). His ranking winnings are also solid, with £277,000 gathered this season.


Ding Junhui earned £26,100 in non-ranking events and with a total of £278,600, he's ranked last in the Top 10 Earners. Luca Brecel follows the same pattern, with £304,100 in total prize money, from which only £49,000 are coming from non-ranking tournaments.
One-third of Neil Robertson's winnings are from non-ranking events (£119,000) and the same goes for Kyren Wilson (£102,000).


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